Trash the Dress – Prom Edition {Portland Senior Photographer}

19 Apr

It’s not just for weddings anymore! That Prom dress you spent so much money on and will probably only wear once? Trash it! The pictures and the experience are something you might even remember more than the Prom itself five years from now.

Does trashing the dress really trash my dress? It’s completely up to you! We can do a low key trash the dress that includes things you wouldn’t normally do in a nice dress, but nothing a little trip to the dry cleaner’s won’t fix. Such as laying in a field… Before you wouldn’t have dared risk the grass or dirt stains, but now you can get gorgeous outdoor photos of you in that beautiful dress!

Or take a stroll along the tracks…

Or you can try a  something out of the box like this

Or you can go all out and REALLY Trash That Dress! The most fun option for sure. Think paint, mud, colored bubbles, silly string, water…. and we have so many more ideas just waiting for YOU.

So whether you just want to dip your toes and test the water or jump right in, we have the perfect trash the dress session for you. Great for after the wedding, after Senior Prom or just for something fun to do with that only worn once formal dress or tux that’s been sitting in your closet!

Priceless memories make a great Graduation gift.

Email to book, normal session rates apply. (Hint for Seniors: Grab five friends and it’s less than $50 each!)

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